Our policlinic apart from conventional treatment methods using allopathy medicines we also offer our patients treatment methods of natural medicine.

Homeopathic therapy
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Alternative methods of treatment in Veterinary Medicine
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What is it Homeopathy and Homotoxicology?

Homeopathy it is a system of natural medicine in which disease is heated by giving very small amounts of a substance which in larger amounts would produce an illness similar to the disease. This method was reactivate, analyse and give a thorough examination in XIX century by dr Samuel Hahnemann. The name "homeopathy" comes from Greek word "homois" which means "similar" and from the word "patios" which means "disease", and everything means the state: "similarity to the disease". Homeopathy heats organism overall, taking physical and mental condition of patient into account and fully individualizing the method of treating. Homeopathic medicines are produced from substances of natural origin. Homeopathic therapy is stimulatingly efficacious for organism's immunological system, building up its counteracting the poison mechanisms and intensifying protective reactions.

Homotoxicology it is one of the biggest inventions of XX century and is based on treatment using complex homeopathy medicines. Complex homeopathy medicines contain numerous, specially prepared active substances. Antihomotoxic medicines are specific from of these complex confections. They were worked out by Dr Hans- Heinrich Reckeweg (in the 60's of XX century) and they effect counteracting the poison for organisms. Dr Reckeweg discovered that the diseases are started first of ale bypermanent organism's ballast of poisons and morbid factors. He named his science about diseases "homotoxicology" ("homotoxin" means human's poison). The purpose of the antihomotoxic therapy is stimulation of immunology system and energy of our organism in such way which will be enable to remove toxins- it's the first step to our health! Antihomotoxic medicines are proved connect in treatment a lot of illnesses at people and animals. We can't exert an influence on animals, but the treatment effects are often better than at people. Antihomotoxic medicines can be used alone or they can helped dassical method of treatment (allopathic methods).

What is it Acupuncture and Acupressure?

Acupuncture is a therapeutic (medicinal) method which is 4000 years old, and it comes from Chinese folk medicine. It is based on pricking gold or silver needles into a skin on strict defined points of the body, in depth from 2 mm to 3 cm, for the period from a few seconds to few hours - according to the kind of disease, it should be chosen a suitable place for pricking. Acupuncture influences stimulus acting for sympathetic nerve system. This method is used in rheumatic diseases, inflammations, spastie states of internal organs, neurology, epilepsy and as a method of anaesthetizing in anaesthesiology.

Electroacupuncture is a therapeutic method, and it has its origin in the early years of XIX century. At that time we started trials (tests) of using electric current in medicine. We noticed the increase of therapeutic effect during letting the electric current through injected needles in the acupuncture intervention. The link of injecting needles with the stimulation of electric current was called electroacupuncture. With time we started to use letting the electric current without using needles, but using flat electrodes, witch were put onto the body and it also gave very good effects.

Acupressure is a method of manual medicine which comes from China - like acupuncture, but it is a method for (much) simplier; it needn't any needles, that's enough to have hands and knowledge of the doctor. Therapeutic effect is reached by pressing the particular places on the body. Using acupressure it isn't likely to happen miracles, but using it we can get rid, in uninvasion way, of many aching diseases or we can alleviate them.