Basic information about removing living worms from the body of dogs and cats.

The struggle against infectants of alimentary canal at dogs and cats is as important as the preventive vaccinations against virus diseases, because infectants existing in alimentary canal weaken the immunity of alimentary canal's mucous membrane and give the opportunities of virus and bacterial infections. Especially young puppies and kittens are expose to it, because not every breeder remember about removing worms from the body of pregnant bitch/cat - 10 days before parturition, then 10-14 days after parturition together with the young, another time four weeks after parturition and then puppies/kittens once a month (even if the animal never goes out of the house).

In consideration of very close contact those animals with people, this hygienic aspect (removing worms again and again) is of great importance, first for all in preventing infect with infectants at children, who don't always remember about such a basic hygienic step like washing hands. Therefor one should regularly, four times a year, remove warms from the body of adult animal and young animal more often, because pets' health is the condition of our health and health of our children.